Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Vexillological Trainline

The Vexillological Trainline is a flag arrangement from national to the ultra-micro political level.  Officially speaking the township/city/borough flag is the lowest political level of the US.  But below the township are several more personal levels: the Quadrant, Blockship, Hutship and Partship.  

Here we have a map of the world with two Vexillological Trainlines showing two "Engine to Caboose" flags from the personal ultra-micro political level up unto the national level.  On the West Coast by Los Angeles is the Vexillological Trainline of a fictional character from the Big Bang Theory Show.  On the East Coast is the Vexillological Trainline of a friendly neighborhood blogger.  

As Pasadena is a part of Los Angeles Metropolitan Area so too is Lansdale a part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.  Likewise the Rose Bowl is renowned in Pasadena, just as the Army vs. Navy Game is best known for being played in Philadelphia; as this was the city where the official US Army and US Navy were created during the 1776 Revolution.  Likewise a good match for Caltech is the University of Pennsylvania.  

To quote Joseph Ridgeway Grundy, "If a man does not have pride in his own hometown, he isn't likely to give a rap* about his own country."

 *sometimes a letter 'C' can be placed in front of the 'R' when appropriate

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