Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Blockship Flag

BLOCKSHIP 1 - a political micro-unit
The Blockship is a political micro-unit of community based upon enclosure of a public access road.  Generally speaking the Blockship is a road circuit that forms a loop.  It can be composed of private houses, businesses, parks, apartment complex, supermarket, or any combination of properties.  It is the public place where person can drive a car in a loop around a particular area.

The design of a Blockship flag is restricted to having a frame around the edge.  Yey any sort of design can be utilized within the center.  The flag above represents the first Blockship flag.  In the following map the highlighted area represents Blockship 1 which can be found in Lansdale Borough, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Numerical Level Assignment
LEVEL 10. Nation
LEVEL 9. State
LEVEL 8. County
LEVEL 7. Township-Borough
LEVEL 6. Quadrant
LEVEL 5. Blockship  
LEVEL 4. Hutship
LEVEL 3. Partship

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