Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quadrant Flags of Pasadena, California

Nations are ranked as a level 10 geographic division, then states are level 9, then counties are level 8, then townships and incorporated cities and boroughs are a level 8.  So what is below?  A level 7 division parcels the basic unit of a community into quadrants, as is done with galaxies.

An example city, Pasadena, CA, has been here factored into separate quadrants.  Each quadrant gets its own flag based upon the level 8 flag or emblem.  Typically alpha quadrant flags use a red colour, beta quadrant flags use a yellowish colour, gamma quadrant flags use a green colour, while the delta quadrant is typically blue.

 The Pasadena Alpha Quadrant flag has a red field and white rose in the badge area.
 The Pasadena Beta Quadrant has a yellow field with a red rose.  It was here that a matching filed of quantum probabilities showed us the apparent roof of The Big Bang Theory Show.
 The Delta Quadrant Flag of Pasadena has long out stretched arm that reaches towards the mountains.  The filed is indigo and it has a pink rose as its badge.

The Gamma Quadrant flag has a field of green with a yellow rose with a black stem.  It is the smallest quadrant of Pasadena, but it is where the Rose Bowl takes place. 

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