Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flag for the Galactic South Pole in Sculptor, the Sculpture

"The Southern Circle of Sculptor"

This is the flag for the Galactic South Pole which can be found in the Sculptor the Sculpture.   

This flag can be flown anywhere in the world during the months of August and September, when the Galactic South Pole appears in the nightly sky.  Furthermore it can be flown anywhere along the 27th parallel south, since this part of Earth is directly underneath the Galactic South Pole when it is visible at night.

For Earth this special line of latitude is known as the Southern Galactic Polar Circle of Sculptor

Famous places in the Anglo-phone universe that reside under the 27th parallel south include: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, and South Africa.  Coincidentally the most remote and loneliest civilization to arise under the Southern Galactic Pole was Easter Island Culture.

More precisely the Galactic South Pole is parallel to the Earthly latitude of 27.4 degrees south.

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