Thursday, September 18, 2014

US-Liberia Presidential State Heritage Flags

As Liberia was founded by the United States it should be no surprise that several men born in the USA became the chief executive of that nation.  In honor of those states that sent men to the 'Presidential Oval Office' of Liberia here are US-Liberia Presidential State Heritage Flags.  The flag of Liberia mirrors the flag of the United States of America.  The primary difference is that there are eleven stripes instead of thirteen and there is only one star in the canton of Liberia and currently 50 in the US flag.  Most of the flags here follow the eleven stripe Liberia pattern.

As it was for the USA, as well as for Liberia, our first president was born in Virginia.  In this case the George Washington of Liberia is Joseph Jenkins Roberts.  Or rather the Joseph Jenkins Roberts of Libera is George Washington.  Two other Virginia born presidents include James Payne and Tony Gardiner.

Thus you can tell people 'a trivia-riddle' by saying, "Which US state was the first African American president born in?"  The correct answer is Virginia, not Hawaii.  Because the first African American president born in the USA (not necessarily president of the USA) was Joseph Jenkins who was voted to a presidential office back in 1848.  Barack Obama of Hawaii was the providential 11th African-American president born in the USA to become a president of nation.  Providential in the sense that there are 11 stripes on the Liberian flag.

South Carolina also played a role as one of the founding fathers of Liberia.  President Smith was born in Charleston, South Carolina.

Although there has never been a Maryland born US president, Maryland was destined to have several men become president of Liberia: Steven Allen Benson, Daniel Warner, and Garretson Gibson.

Kentucky gave Liberia two presidents.  Alfred Russell and Colman were Kentucky born. Thus Kentucky holds the record of having the most native born sons become the leaders of three different nations: one for the USA via Lincoln, one for the Confederacy via Jefferson Davis, and two for Liberia via presidents Colman and Russell.

You can stump your friends with this trivia question: "Which US state has the most leaders of foreign nations?"  Answer: By a single head....Kentucky!  At the moment, all other states only ever had one native born son or daughter become the leader of a foreign nation.

 The only US born Liberian President from 'Free Northern Soil' was Edward Roye of Newark, Ohio.

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