Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sextans the Star-Compass and Octans the Navigator's Star Compass

Sextans and Octans
The Sextant Star Compass and The Octant Navigator's Star Compass

Once again another harmonious pair was placed into the heaves by our ancestors, or cousins as it may be for a good majority of world without any European Ancestors.  Nonetheless these two providential pairs align in more than one way - in that 'Tri-Fecta Triple Crown Way.'

1. First they are basically the same thing, a navigator's star compass.

2. Second they are perpendicular to each other, as the Sextant is on the Equator while the Octant is on the South Pole.

3. Finally they are on opposite Galactic Factions; Sextant is on North Galactic - M-87 Galactic Supercluster Capitol Side while Octant is on the Southern Galactic - Neighbor Andromeda Galaxy Side.

 Sextans crosses the Equator so it gets the Equator Stripe, but it only dominates the southern equatorial latitude.  Subsequently the northern one's degree's latitude is just a stripe while the southern ones degree's celestial latitude is much thicker.  Likewise Sextans just crosses the southern 10s, so it gets a bottom red stripe.

 Sextans astrological symbol has three inner spaces which is halfway to six, that reflects the Six in Sextant's name.  Likewise, Octans has four inner spaces which is half way to eight, that reflect the Eight in Octant's name as with the eight legged fish - the Octopus.

 Octans crosses all the 80s region of the Celestial South Pole, and just reaches slightly into the southern 70s.  The Southern Star has eight points, in honor of the "Eighth of a Wheel Star Compass." 

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