Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flags for the Constellations of Horologium the Pendulum Clock and Reticulum the Spatial Grid

Horologium & Reticulum
The Pendulum Clock and Spatial Gird

Space-Time is one of their weird dimensions of Outer Space, and not to mention regular mundane space.  Thus the Clock and Spatial Grid as meta-perceptual concepts match up harmoniously.  Science only has a simple grapple on these phenomena, but talented poets and writers have become masters of time and space by having their spirit transcending the ages across space and time. 

Reticulum the Network is much like the internet, brain, or natural connectivity between all things.  Likewise time is that invisible yet malleable material intimately ingrained in space, whether it be outer space or the space in your atoms.  Consequently they pair up nicely in this Constellation Series of paired up regions of the Night's Sky.

Coincidentally modern astronomers have interlinked these constellations as the long arm of the Cosmic Clock crosses through the Heavenly Network of Reticulum, just look at any modern astronomy book and the 'lines' of Horologium always pass through Reticulum.  It must, since space and time are interlinked.

 The flag of Horolgium the Pendulum Clock uses the colours green, blue, indigo, and violet.  The symbol for the Clock is long arm tied to the star key that is often found in a phone. It also honors the old cogs and crankshafts of the ancient pr-digital time pieces.
The symbol of Reticulum the Network is the hash tag, also known as the pound, also known as the tic tac toe sign.

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