Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flag of Monoceros the Unicorn and Pegasus the Winged Horse

Monoceros & Pegasus 
The Unicorn and The Winged Horse

Two mystical horses balance the heavens - a Unicorn and a Winged Horse.  Of the legendary animals to maintain a big following in mainstream consciousness the Unicorn and Winged Horse are it. 

You can think of these constellations as representing Scotland and Greece.  Because Scotland uses the Unicorn in their national arms, while Pegasus was revealed to us from the Greek Universe.  

 Monoceros the Unicorn is a natural organic  Prime Meridian for the Celestial Globe.  The Cosmic Unicorn crosses the Milky Way and also crosses both sides of the Galactic Disc - making contact with Andromeda's Side and M87's Side.  
Pegasus is nearly an equatorial sign, but just misses out on crossing the equator.  This magical horse of the heavens is rooted to the Southern Galactic Side but flies across the Northern Skies. 

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