Friday, August 29, 2014

Flag of Argo Navis and the Globus Aerostaticus

Argo & Blobus Aerostaticus
The Ship and The Hot Air Balloon

The Argo is an ancient constellation paired up with a relatively modern one Blobus Aerostaticus the Hot Air Balloon.  The Hot Air Balloon was the first aircraft to soar in the heavens amongst the clouds and stars and become the hallmark vehicle of the Enlightenment, and spur interest in science and technology.  It is a crime that it did not become an officially recognized constellation, as it was harbinger of expanding wonder yet to come under the stalwart service of science.  
In concordance the Hot Air Balloon and Argo represent two ends of the cosmic mind.  The Argo is grounded in imagination but the Blobus Aerostaticus the Hot Air Balloon is grounded in science and technology.  

The Flag of Blobus Aerostaticus the Hot Air Balloon is composed of a field of orange and yellow, with black stars.  It is best visible during August, thus the Leo symbols.  The Astrological Symbol for Blobus Reostaticus the Hot Air Balloon consists of two elements.  An Omega that represents the balloon and reflects the air sign of Libra.  Also note this modified Libra frame has lost its  lower 'grounded' line.  Instead a triangle pointing upwards takes it position.  In alchemy a pointing upwards triangle represents fire.  Thus the hotter air - caused by the creation of a fire, caused hot captured gases to do man's bidding, resulting in the first aircraft of the ages.

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