Friday, August 29, 2014

Constellations Flags of Pinna Marina and Patella

There exist constellations beyond the established 88.  These forlorn designs were cast into the void of ignorance by science, but history has become their natural abode.  Here we have the Pinna Marina the Mussel and Patella the Limpet.

Mussels are cousins of clams with a purposefully confusing name.  They could have invented a new sounding word.  Golly, there are lots of unclaimed unique sounding words they could have used, instead of Mussel, which sounds like Muscle.  For example they could have called these edible clammy cousins Muslams, Thalams, Shlams, Jrams, Vrams, or Znams.  Nope, they had to double up on the beaten path. There is a natural human tendency to recycle words instead of utilizing new ones.  They decided to call'em mussels, apparently because some old' English Witch Doctor though that eating lots of these 'things' that look like clams would give your strong muscles?  Some say they do this so they can make make silly jokes, riddles, and poems. 

But the Limpet is another often overlooked amazing animal of the sea.  When will SpongeBob SqaurePants put some Limpets on his show?  Theory has it Patrick the Starfish is a racist anti-Limpetic individual.  A shame since limpets are way cool.  Limpets are like snails but look like living movable mushrooms since their shells don't curve.  They have one shell on the back that gives them a rock like appearance.  Unfortunately many Americans think limpets are type of fish due to Don Knots seminal role in the 1964 smash hit the The Incredible Mr. Limpet.  But for our younger readers Limpets look like something like out of Super Mario Brothers Video Game, like a living rock.

Oddly ya'd think they have the common decency or sense to create a 'Starfish Constellation?"

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