Thursday, August 28, 2014

Constellation Flag of Centaurus the Centar and Sagittarius the Centar

Centaurus & Sagittarius
The Spear Carrier of the West vs. The Archer of the East

As fate would have it, there are two Centaurs in the Night's Sky.  Both are rather famous.  Sagittarius is well known for its role in the Zodiac, while Centaurus is the celestial harbor to our closest neighboring star system. Both are rooted the Southern Celestial Sphere and just ever so slightly cross over into the 'neutral zone' of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Each centaur is armed with a different weapon - one is a master of archery while the other carries a spear. 

Is this fate?  Some would say it's the hallmark of destiny?  Or rather the imprint of cosmic synchronicity?  Some will even declare this alignment providence.  Maybe it's just a natural reflection of the group mind we all share?  Collective Unconscious anyone?  

So no matter, two magical beings were placed in the heavens long long ago, when the galaxy was different place in the cosmos far far way. 

They are 'Fraternal Constellations' illustrating the natural tendency of mankind's ego to label things in dualistic kind of way.
The flag of Centaurus the Centaur with Spear has field of yellow, orange, green, blue, and indigo with black and white stars. The Astrological Symbol for the Cosmic Spear Carrier, like Sagittarius, is an arrow.  However, it has a pointed top and a ribbon hanging down.

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