Friday, July 25, 2014

Vexilloids in the restaurant called Serendipity from the movie entitled Serendipity - 2001

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in July anyone?  It is July 25 after all.  Christmas in July is a bit sweeter and sweatier, minus the money merchandising madness.  For NYC in 2001 it really was Christmas in July, due to the filming of the movie Serendipity - captured in NYC at the end of July and August 2001.  A small part of New York City was decked out with the Christmas holiday spirit, whilst making this movie.  The snow you see in the movie is that special formula of soap and ice that Hollywood labs cooked up some time ago.

  Serendipity starring John Cusak and Kate Beckinsale actually had a scene in a real restaurant called Serendipity 3.

This film is categorized as a "Romantic-Comedy." But from a mystics-philosophers' point of view, this film is a "Documentary".

Serendipity is considered one of the hardest words to describe, and this movie illustrates its action with exquisite detail, style, humor and first class acting. 

Serendipity is a fortunate accident like the discovery of Penicillin or the invention of the Microwave.  More than that, serendipity dose not have to be an Earth shattering revelation.  It can be making a wrong turn down a street and bumping into an old friend at that new restaurant, you had no original intention of walking into.

Serendipity is getting into a car accident and then meeting a long lost friend who gets you that perfect dream job or hooks you up with a six figure income fiance.  Serendipity can be forgetting your books in the library and going back, later to pick them up and find a dollar on the way back, on your altered walking path.

Essentially it's something that seems negative at first, but happens to put you in a positive spin, such that you become grateful for that 'mistake' or moment of oops. Of vexillological note tassels can be seen hanging from the Christmas Lanterns.  Coincidentally an ad for the play Six Degrees of Separation can be seen on the subway passageway.

Everyone in this film is putting up an act since it is really summer instead of winter, at least in the beginning of the film.  But then again Christmas in July makes a lot of sense if you grew upon the Southern Hemisphere and now live in the Northern Hemisphere.

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