Friday, July 18, 2014

Heraldic Expansion of Playing card for the Women's Side

As every King is destined for a Queen, it is also appropriate to expand the Royal Suits to the other half.

The Empress is represented by the letter R.  She ranks just below the Emperor yet above the Duke.  The Empress of Spades is both above the King and Queen of any suit.

Consequently we have a Empress of Hearts, Empress of Diamonds, and finally the Empress of Clubs to contend with.  
The Queen now sits below the Emperor, Empress, and King yet above the Duke and Duchess.   Like always the letter Q represents the Queen.

The Duchess is represented by the letter X.  She ranks below the King, Queen and Duke yet above the Marchioness and Marquess.

 Doesn't the Duchess of Spades just roll of the tongue so eloquently?  Maybe Duchess of Hearts, Duchess of Clubs, or Duchess of Diamonds sounds better? 
The Marchioness is other half of the Marquis.  She ranks above the Earl, and stands just below her man the Marquis.  The Marchioness is represented by the letter H.  The Marchioness outranks all Earls, Counts, Viscounts,
and Barons.

We now have a Marchioness of Hearts, Marchioness of Diamonds, and Marchioness of Clubs. 

 The female Earl is known as a Countess, since there is no 'Earless'.  Thus the female Earl is the represented by the letter C .  The Countess of Spades beats all types of Barons and Viscounts.

In addition there is now a Countess of Hearts, Countess of Diamonds, and Countess of Clubs.

The Viscountess is represented by the letter U.  She ranks below the Earls and Countesses and would be Counts.  The Viscountess of Spades trumps all types of Barons.  New Viscountesses include the Viscountess of Hearts, Viscountess of Diamonds, and Viscountess of Clubs.

The Baroness is represented by the letter S.  The Baroness is above the Jack or Knave yet below the Viscounts.  The Baroness of Spades is the lowest ranking of peerage.

Thus we also have the Baroness of Hearts, Baroness of Diamonds, and Baroness of Clubs. 

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