Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flags in Eternal Sunshine, of the spotless mind 2004

Imagine if you could erase unwanted memories?   Would you undergo the procedure?  Certainly such a kind of technology is on the horizon.  Many already pop happy pills to alter their mood and can not function normally without the aid of intoxicants due to social anxiety.

In 2004 Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet starred in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and erasing unwanted memories is the premise of the movie.  Carrey and Winslet star as star crossed lovers whose painful relationship, causes them to undergo the procedure.

Of key importance to this blog are several vexilloids that appear in the movie.  The most unique flag appears in the drawing of Clementine that Joel had did.  In it Clementine is a skeleton except for her head and she is holding a tattered sun flag of yellow and pink that has come to symbolize the radically intense love of Joel and Clementine.

More conventional flags also appear in the movie.  During the flea market scene a person is wearing a hat with a US flag on it and colourful sales pennants can be seen fluttering in the background.  Also notice that this is a shot of memory being erased so the people in the background are loosing their faces. Another vexilloid antenna can be seen on the remote control airplane controller - it has a long blue streamer along the end.

 This movie is more than just a love story.  It has the capacity to stir the mind and stimulate discussion of dreams, mind, body, love, anguish and purpose in the most subtle of ways.  It is a subdued science fiction movie, without the sci-fi feeling.  Persons who never experienced a broken romantic heart may have difficulty understanding this work of art as will people to do not examine their dreams or refuse to trespass against the norms of modern society.

And a Sappy Summer Solstice to all my Northern Hemispherians, enjoy all the free sunshine while it's still free.

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