Monday, May 26, 2014

Flag for the possible Future 13 States of the USA - State #53 to #69

Currently the United States in composed of 50 States, but in the near future more states can be added.  If technological progress continues, it is possible the 'unorganized parts of the USA' could become more habitable.  Perhaps underground Sealabs-Seacities will become the wave of the future?

This flag is for the possible 'Future 13 States' of the USA; theoretical states #53 unto #69.  The flag has a blue canton with 13 stars. In totality there are 66 official sub-federal entities in the United States. 

Official 16 'Bonus USA Territories' are:

51. The District of Columbia, Washington
52. Puerto Rico
53. Guam
54. US Virgin Islands 
55. Northern Mariana Islands
56. American Samoa
57. Wake Island
58. Midway Island
59. Palmyra Atoll
60. Navassa
61. Johnston Atoll
62. Baker Island
63. Howland Island
64. Jarvis Island
65. Kingman Reef
66. Swains Island

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