Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flag Chart for Americans born Abroad

Not all Americans were born in the USA.  So in honor of those Americans born in foreign lands, here are flags to represent which continent they were born.  Note that these flags are for American Citizens born in a foreign nation, Americans who later became naturalized, and immigrants on their way to becoming fully fledged American Citizens.

These flags match in rank to the state flags of regular born in the USA Americans.  All Americans no matter where they came from are a part of the official American flag, but these are sub-federal marker flags.

Also note these flags follow the geographic distance rule.  Thus Cuba born Americans should use the Born in North America Flag while Trinidad born Americans should use the South American Born Flag.  But Puerto Rico born Americans should use the Puerto Rico Flag.  But if Puerto Rico declares independence from the US, only then should Puerto Rico born Americans use the South American born flag, since Puerto Rico is closest to South America.

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