Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nazi Flags in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989

It seems that the Nazi flag is a permanent fixture on Hollywood sets.  In normal discourse the waving of a Nazi flag is a big no no.

But when used appropriately, it is an essential movie prop.  A prop that probably can't used in high school theater but whenever a WWII film is made it will be put to 'good' use.

In 1989 the Nazi Flag was waved in the faces of the American Public again, and with great profit and ironic humor. During one of the Nazi Propoganda rallies, Dr. Jones accidentally bumps into Hitler and is mistaken as an officer in the SS and gets his autograph. 

  The flags in these scenes are perfect Roman Vexilloids of the modern era.  These types of vexillums keep a flag's face upright and independent of a blowing breeze. This type of flag would be useful indoors, instead of the typical wrinkled hard to identify flag at rest with no wind.  But since Nazi Germany adopted these types of flags, this style of flag has been pushed to the back along with lighter than air airship technology. 

 Of course the swastika is much older symbol than Nazi Germany, it has been negatively tainted in the Western mind with this most harshest and mean spirited political movements of our times.  At least in India and with Buddhism the negative association with this symbol is muted, with a more peaceful and positive association.

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