Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flags in the Lost Boys 1987

  A few flags appear in the ultimate 1980s teenage vampire movie The Lost Boys 1987.  Made in the heart of the 80s before the 1990s and far enough from the 1970s it is a flashback for the last generation to grow up before the internet.

Californian's are extra proud of their state flag and it's easy to spot in many a movie based in California.  It appears at the seaside amusement park of Santa Clara next to the American Flag at the top of the roller coaster.

Sales pennants appear in the introductory montage  sequence at the Fun Food Shack.  As the lights sparkle at night, pennant flag garland are the days natural balance.  Here the California and US flag are visible at the tippy top of the roller coaster.  A coming of age movie, peer pressure say no to drugs kind of movie.

Perhaps one of the best introductory sequences of the 1980s that introduced the younger half of Generation X to the Doors, in more ways than one.

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