Wednesday, December 25, 2013

US Flag in Gremlins - 1984

 Gremlins is the classic Christmas Spook with a happy ending.  It is an American Fairytale which is almost impossible to classify since it fits into an assortment of genres:  horror, comedy, fable, family, action, sci-fi, and of course Christmas.  In other words Gremlins is an origial Christmas "Hormedy-Famaction" Fairy Tale. 
 The US flag appears frequently in the film.  In one shot the star of the film, Gismo, holds a small table top flag in a patriotic pose.  In another scene the US flag appears behind the town Sheriff Frank, next to string of Christmas Lights.

 As is the standard in public schools a US flag can be seen in the science room underneath Mr. Hanson and a young Pete Fountaine.

When the father attended an inventor's convention the two American Flags can be seen fluttering by on an tricked out big wheel.

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