Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Upper West Israeli Angle Flag

 A flag for the area north and west of Israel - the North West Israeli Angle Flag.  It has coverage over most of Europe and North America.  Nearly all the US states fall into this category that are parallel and north of North Carolina. 

So what's the deal with all these geographically bound Israeli Flags?  First of all Israel is the Star of the Middle East, pun intended.  Secondly it is for educational purposes on a geographical basis.  Thirdly the events that were recorded in several "divine documents" in that area have enchanted most of our ancestors and living relatives as to their own personal history, as enchanted with love and in times great of need.  Fourthly it establishes a bond, between different parts of the world where the Original Mind of The Most Sacred Books or Sacred Programs for happiness were originally written.  Fifthly, as a vexillologist, making flags is what we do, however most vexillologists are fixated on changing established flags rather than expanding into unexplored ideas like meselfers. Sixthly, why not? Flags are just plain fun! Flags are abstract art grounded to a logical meaning.

Cities under this flag include: London, Brussels, Rome, New York, Kiev, Toronto, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris, Sparta, Athens, and Zagreb.

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