Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The North Pole

The North Pole is one of the most important vexilloids known to the world.  Additionally it is the pole and its finial that are the most important, rather than the flag.  The finial is the tippy top end of a flag pole.  The most popular finials for flag poles are the spear point and golden ball.  The finial of the North Pole is a crystal ball full of 'magical' golden and silver sparkles.

The North Pole is the rarest of vexilloids since it exists outside of normal space time.  Like love and wonder, to see the North Pole it requires the right frame of mind.  Uniquely it gives off a ginger-cinnamon scented fragrance, that also warms the nose upon inhalation. In some people it causes their nose to just slightly glow red. Amazingly the North Pole has a flavorful touch - that of a sweet marshmallow peppermint.  Also note, when you let go of the pole with your bear hand, there is no sticky residue. 

Depending of ones level of joy the size of the pole can vary with the observer in a Hardy-Weinberg fashion.  Essentially the more joy one has the larger it becomes.  One happy Canadian Cross Country Skier who just got news that he was brand new father reported that the North Pole that was 500 feet high, while a reporter from Alaska trying to score a big news story briefly saw two inch pole under her boot, oddly her camera battery died when it appeared.

The pole of the North Pole usually has red and white candy cane swirl, but note this aspect is variable.  Every once and a while it will have green or golden stripes.

Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho!

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