Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flags from Man of Steel - 2013

Flags appear in the reboot of Superman Man of Steel 2013.  The state flag of Alaska briefly appears upon the 'masthead' of the fishing vessel along side the US flag.  The flags of the US and Canada also appear in the film.  The appearance of the Canadian flag is a tip of the hat to the original creators of Superman - brought us by a Canadian and American duet: Jerry Siegel of Ohio and Joe Shuster of Toronto.

Note the appearance of Canadian and US flags alongside each other.  It was an essential plot element of the movie, but accidentally honors the co-creators of Superman.  

The most unique flag explaining the 'Superman' Icon appears in the metallic virtua-chamber in the ancient yet advanced ship from Krypton.   Man of Steel digs deep in the American psyche and confronts face first the horrors of 9/11, patriotism, paranoia, and fear.  In the end, the theme of hope is presented as a universal force within the human race, allowing Superman to become a symbol and luminous beacon, radiating hope for the people of earth to follow.

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