Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Other Flags and vexilloid like items from Gremlins - 1984

Christmas lights play a similar role to bunting and flags as a decoration that signals to a community the Spirit of Christmas is welcome to this house.  In Gremlins the Spirit of Christmas shined bright in the imaginations of the world.

Hard to see, is the Irish flag crossed with the American flag on a white license plate on the wall.  The US flag is on the left, the Irish on the right.

Although gremlins may be fictional, mean old grumpy powerful women willing shove others out of their way and stomp on humble clerks, tellers, and receptionists are real.  Here Mrs. Deagle plays the role of one of America's finest and real monsters* to roam the towns big and small of America.  
*Also note there are male versions of the monster, and they come in a  variety of colours and ages

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