Monday, November 18, 2013

Viva La Revolution Flag - Dragon Ash 1999

In 1999 the seeds from a smashed pumpkin were eaten by a dragon.  The result was a smash hit song on the Japanese Pop charts back in the Summer of 99' - Grateful Days.

The album cover for this song was influenced by art that originated in 1830 - Liberty Leading the People.  But instead of a French Tri-colour the flag has been replaced with a 'Dragon Ash' flag.  The Dragon Ash Flag has a red background with a rectangular black cross centered in the middle that does not reach the borders.  Within the black cross written in white calligraphy is Via La Revolution which is the name of the album.  Additionally several members of the group take the place of Liberty's supporters.

The inside cover art also featured flags.  In this case the members of the band were given a variety of flags, many of the designs had the fluer-di-lis upon it.

The most popular cut off this album was Grateful Days, as the title alludes too, it all about being grateful.  Since this is my 5th year anniversary of blogging I have much to be grateful for.  Thanks for reading!  This song is dedicated to yous - the readers. 

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