Saturday, November 23, 2013

Flags from Blue Collar Comedy Tour: 2003

The US flag makes several almost accidental appearances in the original cinematic classic Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie 2003. America was surely in the mood for some good ol' country laughs.  More original an' natural than Hee Haw.  Four southern gentleman were able to cook up some comedic home style chuckles that just tickled the side belly of Merica'.

Yes indeed, that is Jeff Foxworthy playing a part with some wacky doodle mullet hair-hat combo.  It just so happens that Mr. Foxworthy is wearing an American Flag on the honor point of his ball cap.
Here Larry the Cable guys uses a Fart Machine bought from Spencer Gifts to lay one out on an innocent passerbyer who just happens to be a wearing t-shirt that has the American Flag on it. Oh yeah, nearly can also see the Arizona State flag in the first pic.

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