Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shipping flag from Mad Monster Party? 1967

 Mad Monster Party? 1967 is a Halloween Classic that features a cavalcade of American Octoberfest Monsters.  With the magic of modern storytelling - it is the rare and hard to find form of art - animated sculpture art.

The monsters have gathered upon one of the few shipping lines - Caribbean Cruises - to sail by a mysterious island, that is home to a mad evil scientist.  During their boat trip the flag of the ship's carrier makes a fleeting cameo on the stern - back end of the ship. 
The flag of the Herring features a red anchor upon a black circle in a white background.  Within the lower half of the circle are blue waves.

Mad Monster Party? 1967 was created naturally unassisted with computers.  This gives it a unique charm that is impossible to appreciate in modern computer assisted kinesthetic-still animation sculpture. 

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