Thursday, September 5, 2013

USS Enterprise vs HMS Boxer - 200 Years Ago Today, The War of 1812

It was 200 years ago today that the USS Enterprise engaged the HMS Boxer off the New England coast of Maine. Although a US victory, both captains, Burrows and Blyth, lost their lives in the battle and were buried at sea simultaneously with honors. 

So it is the bicentennial of the 'War of 1812' or rather America's late engagement unto the Napoleonic Wars There is some debate was weather to call the American Revolution a civil war or not?  However during the War of 1812 the government of "Washington DC-complete and unbroken" as a separate entity was firmly established, in stark contrast to the government of London.  Canada was still in 'utero' so to speak, but Canadians cherish this war as an us Canucks versus those Southern Yankees.  Also note Canada was still under London's command as was Australia and New Zealand.  

Australia was 'born' as a British Colony the same year the US was born again in a second reboot under America 2.0 via the program of the US Constitution in 1788.  America 1.0 didn't work out all that well under the program of the Articles of Confederation and all official eight presidents of that forlorn government have been lost to the back bins of history - except for perhaps John Hancock? 

The odd point is one from a certain angle, one can frame The War of 1812 as the United States of America vs. Australia and New Zealand!  Rumor has it that there were some wicked words exchanged down under at an Aussie Bar, with a few American shippers and whalers.   

However a few naval battles did indeed take place 'Down Under' in the Southern Hemisphere.  The USS Essex fought with the HMS Phoebe and HMS Cherub in the South Pacific.  The USS Constitution exchanged fire with the HMS Java in the South Atlantic.   Nearer to Australia was the naval battle at the Strait of Sunda on June 30, 1815 - in the Indian Ocean.  It was here that the proverbial last battle between 'UK-Australian' and the US Navies took place, coincidentally down under.  And nearly half a year after peace was declared and signed! 

More about that battle, of the USS Peacock vs. HMS Nautilus on June 30, 2015.  Thus this is the would be last battle flag down of the official 15 striped 'Star Spangled Banner' with regard to the UK. 

 It was during the War of 1812 that US Navy proved herself to the world, by meeting on par with the most powerful Royal Navy from the West, likewise during the 'War of 1941'  the US Navy became a world power after subduing the most powerful Royal Navy to arise in the East.  Coincidentally the US fought both imperial navies in the Indian Ocean at the Strait of Sunda. Today however, both Japan and the UK are warm allies to the United States.

At the moment in the mainstream consciousness "USS Enterprise" is associated with Star Trek!  Little fact known is that the creator for Star Trek was a Pacific WWII pilot.  In a second pole position "Enterprise" is known as a car rental company.  Finally the bronze goes to historical aficionados who recognize its vale as a name to the heritage of the US Navy.  And believe it or not the first Enterprise to defy gravity and patrol in the atmosphere during wartime occurred during the US Civil War.

Long story short, from a certain point of view, one can fathom that two hundred years ago, the United States was at war with: Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, India, South Africa, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Guyana, Barbados, Wales, and not to mention England.  And finally, Canada and some other countries as well.

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