Monday, September 30, 2013

Night in Venice Flags on the "Winner Prize" July 15, 1989

 Night in Venice is an annual summer boat parade held in Ocean City, New Jersey.  In it people decorate their boats in themes and winners of certain classes get awards for outstanding decorations.  Additionally houses that have private harbor entrances are allowed to decorate their homes in the spirit of the night and compete for prizes as well. 

In the summer of 1989 a rather unique prize featured a lacquered letter box with a sailing ship design. 

Of vexillological interest are the three flags on the mastheads.  Near the back end of the ship or 'Rudder Mast' is a red pennant with white circular design near the hoist.  On the 'Central Mast' is horizontal tribar, starting from the hoist: red, blue, and green.  And finally on the 'Forward Mast' is a longer blue swallow tail pennant. 

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