Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continental Congress City Flag for Philadelphia

The Original Capital of the United States was Philadelphia, thus in honor of that time frame here is an honorable flag for the city of Philadelphia as the fledgling Capital of the United States of America.  It is modeled after the flag of Washington DC. It uses the traditional colours of the Philadelphia City Flag - yellow and blue, which hearken back to the colours of Sweden, since Sweden was the first European Colonial power to settle in Philadelphia.  

The first Continental Congress was held in 1774.  Later the Declaration of Independence was issued in 1776.   Philadelphia hosted the leaders of the American Revolution until December 12, 1776.  Afterwards Baltimore became the Capital, for a short short while.  Eight other cities would become temporary 'Capitals of the American Revolution'  - see the list below to see their 'American Revolution Heritage Capital City Flags.'   

Philadelphia was the capital in the summer of 78'.  Most famously the Constitutional Congress met in 1787.  But during the Constitutional Era - America Version 2.0 - Philadelphia was the second 'Constitutional' Capital of the USA for most of Washington's and Adam's term as chief executive.  Also note that someday in the near or far future their may be an America Version 3.0?  But one can suppose in the eyes of states to join the Southern Confederacy, America Version 3.0 was terminated under President Johnson. 


Photo Credit:  Ed Yakovich (Emy111 at en.wikipedia)


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