Friday, July 19, 2013

Flag from Where the Wild Things Are - 1963

Here is one of the most famous simple yellow flags to set sail in the imagination of childhood. The flag in Where the Wild Things Are, written in 1963 became a children's classic.

The flag of Max's imaginary sail ship has a flag on its top.  This type of flag is usually called a masthead pennant, in this case it consists of a long simple yellow pennant.

The yellow colour is repeated in the sails of Max's ship and the colour of the monster's eyes.

Although not a flag, another vexilloid appears when Max shows off his royal power with a scepter that holds a yellow orb and has a pointed arrow upon its top.  It looks like it is modeled after the symbol for Mars the God of War, which makes perfect sense in this book.

Here the monster bows to Max, honoring him as King of Where the Wild Things Are.

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