Monday, July 15, 2013

American Flag in the Video for Jermey by Pearl Jam 1992

Music is many things.  It can express the feelings and it is a form of communication.  But in 1992 it became prophecy with the song Jeremy by Pearl Jam.  Although affluent communities have a lot of material abundance, they are sometimes, more often than not, poor with matters of the spirit.

The song Jeremy tackled the issues of bullying and social misfits in the early 1990s long before the tragedy at Columbine.

Here the outcast boy, Jeremy, stands wrapped in the American Flag and in a pit of fire.  In another segment the children of his classroom can be seen pledging allegiance to the flag, but the flag is behind them.

If you have the chance to be nice to somebody, try it.  One kind act can cause a positive reaction.  Or give them a silent prayer of hope.  Or find one nice thing about them and focus on that..

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