Monday, June 24, 2013

The Love Catcher Vexilloid - Shift 2009

In the film Shift 2009 unique vexilloids appear at the wedding party.  This special vexilloid can be described as a 'Love Catcher.' 

These vexilloids are white ghost-like flags with a red heart attached to the center.   It seems that a Love Catcher has the ability to absorb the spirit of love and amplify it with the power of the wind.

These special vexilloids appear at the 'before wedding' reception and on the beach surrounding the wedding party. 

The Shift 2009 features the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer who gives advice to adults to develop a deep and rich meaning minus the judgemental ego.  

A Love Catcher is in between the bride and groom.  Perhaps the most wonderous and magical of vexilloids, which expands the power of love with a gentle breeze.

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