Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flags in the Governor's office from the Simpsons - 2002 Season 14, Episode 294

Did you know the state where the Simpson's live has its own unique flag?  In one episode when Bart and Lisa visit the State Capitol not only do we see the state flag of the Simpson's State, but there are two others flags in the Governor's room.  It looks like the other flags are reserved for persons of high office.  The flags have the same design as the state flag but differ by colour.

This is actually how it really is as for many states.  The governor's flag for Pennsylvania and Michigan use the same design as the official state flag but with differing colours.  Thus the same thing seems to be happening in the imaginary Simpsons' state.

It makes sense to assume one is for the Governor and the other might be for the Attorney State General or Governor General.

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