Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Astrological Royal X - East meets West Capricorn and the Pig

The Year of the Pig's astrological partner in Capricorn the Seagoat.*  The Year of the Pig is the last sign of the Eastern Zodiac marking the ending and beginning of a new cycle.  However Capricorn marks the end and beginning of the Western Calendar - Capricorns rest on both sides of the old year and new year.

The Year of the Pig is the sign of enjoyment, to live it large and scrape up the leftovers in a kind of celebration, just as the end of the year is a time to kick back and enjoy dwell upon the fruit of labor, pain, and joy of the ending year.

Capricorn Royals include Max Roach drummer, Ted Lange of the Love Boat, the singer Kenny Loggins, movie director John Carpenter, singer Ronnie Van Zant, actor Carl Weathers, singer Tracey Ullman, actor Val Kilmer, singer Micheal Stipe, singer Ricky Martin, singer Dido, and actor Zach Mills,  

*Capricorn and Year of the Goat?  More to come! 

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