Monday, June 24, 2013

Arms of the Academy of Magic - Howl's Moving Castle 2004

  The Academy of Magic is partially run by the government in Howl's Moving Castle 2004.  In this universe magic is practiced openly and used by the government.  One of the leads in the movie has been drafted by the military because of his powerful magic, but he has become draft-doger and refuses to become a part of the war machine.  Thus he hides in the wastelands so the Magical War Queen does not get a hold of his powers.

The arms of the Royal Academy of Magic features two winged lions holding up a shield of arms of the national colors - pink and yellow.

The movie centers on a girl who becomes aged by a wicked witch.  Here the old-girl travelst unto the Royal Academy of Magic to petition the Magical War Queen to defray military service.  Howl's Moving Castle is like the reverse of the Frog Princess but so much more, in this case a beautiful young girl turns in to an elderly woman and must help a dropout talented wizard get back on his feet so she can become a young girl again.

Kinda' like Harry Potter, but in this universe Magical People are out in the open and used by society.  In a way science is no different to magic since these people manipulate the matter of the universe to also make war chariots and enchanted weapons of mass destruction.  

Here a guard hold a vexilloid fashioned of military-ceremonial manner. 

This is the Japanese Harry Potter, a must for fans of Anime and Magic. The Magical Test scene with the Queen is just mind blowing - you have to see it in the dark and with your full attention, it will blow your mind.

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