Friday, May 31, 2013

The Toy Gun Bang! Flag

One of the oldest gags features a flag - the "BANG!" flag gun gag.  A classic joke that is a staple in cartoons.  There is no standard "BANG!" flag but one of the more popular flags features a red background with BANG! written on it in black upon a shattered glass field of white in the center.

This post is dedicated to that US Marine who lost his limbs in the Middle East and refused to let go of his sense of humor no matter what. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When It's Love Flag - Van Halen 1992

Mr. Hagar with cool flag!  Remember the Love is Always

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Six Flags Logo updated with Seven Flags

The more historically accurate updated logo for Six Flags which includes a seventh blue flag to represent the Republic of the Rio Grande.  The other six flags represent: France, Spain, Mexico, Texas, the Confederacy, and the United States.

 Board this summer?  Nothing to this link!

Republic of the Rio Grande Flag - the Seventh Flag over Texas

 You have probably heard of the Six Flags over Texas?  But there was also a seventh flag - The Republic of the Rio Grande.  In 1840 several Mexican States attempted to follow Texas and break away from Mexico.  Caohuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.  For most of 1840, they attempted to follow in the footsteps of Texas, but failed.

The capital was located at Loredo Texas. 
And the president was Jesus de Cardenas.  They pleaded with the then Republic of Texas for aid, but none came.  Texas just wasn't ready for a second round with Mexico.  Texas would have to wait another seven years until 1846.

Some people think the flag may have been green instead of black?  Nonetheless it was a distinct rebel nation to fly over Texas.  It is older than the Confederate flag in any edition, and like the Confederacy a forlorn dream lost unto the ages.  Gracefully an echo of this fallen nation has been conserved as the city flag of modern Loredo, Texas. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flag of Silesia - A future nation in Europe in the 21st Century?

Silesia is historically a region in between Poland and the former Czechoslovakia.  Many Silesians count themselves as a separate ethnic and are officially the largest minority in Poland.  A few have even called for independence or at least autonomy.  Maybe in our lifetime Silesia will join the ranks as a new nation in Europe?

Of vexillological importance is the 'Silesian Flag,' more than just a regional flag it is regarded in some manner as a national aspirant flag.  The flag is divided in the middle horizontally with yellow up top and blue on the bottom.  In the center is a coat of arms, it bears a striking resemblance to the Ukrainian Flag, or rather the Ukranian Flag looks like the Silesian "Nationalist" Flag.

For the past five years in July Silesian patriots in Katowice, Poland march for more autonomy.  Additionally it is sometimes accompanied by a quasi-Rebel American-like-Silesian flag that has a Confederate Flag design but uses Silesian colours.

image credits

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flags from In My Book of Dreams - by Susanne Vega 1990

The transition of the cheeto-puff 80s into the artsy mod like 90s of American Culture hits a high note, when books stores and coffee shops were fully adopted in an American Style.  Welcome to the 1990s where American bucks began to flow to Starbucks and noble book stores were barn houses of dreams, email was it and the internet was young.

A green masthead pennant appears on the sailboat of imagination of Susanne Vega's ship of imagination. Also visible is a pennant hat streamer, apparently she registered her ship in Germany.

The opening theme of this decade - 1990s - just swirls around the melodic star of Vega, Susan. 

Mailbox Flag from the song, And She Was - The Talking Heads 1985

Heavy on the art in the 1980s is the melody by the Talking Heads - And She Was 1985.  The video is in a league of its own beyond the glamor of "focus on the artists playing instruments."  Rather the video gives a surreal concrete meaning to an ethereal open ended subject - which could be a dream, thought, or push at some other view of perception.

It is a an echo of the 60s in the 80s versus domestic housewife of the 50s.

The Safety Dance Flags - Men with out Hats 1982? just Just DNACE!

 Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, life without dance is no life.  Like a fool, imbelicl, itdot, hopping, joy, fun and the like tis what you needing to do all to dance, forget out being in time or tiempo all you have to do it let loose and lit a little we force of the heart to go never mind nthe skepplling erross, you'll gtet pst it in time!

OK not fn dDANCE!!!!

A marker birght redlike marker showz the way of the Safety Dance.  Danceee, never mind the mistep or sleilling .   There are know rules to dancing/

thishs is skeihy board dancihgngsn o kdance dkwotjh key dkrogb. (dancing keyboard) key board likes to damnclke!!!

 Follow the heart never mind the mind it dones not know how to dncna1

I love to snacdce and you cant stop me i love to dance you love to dance we can dance never stop dancin e il like dance dance with ginfer, dance with cat, dance with eye, dance wtih toung, dance with foot, dance with dadi n muthere, dance with eenmy, and most most dance with lover!!!

BE safe and make good feet happio.


Note the red stremers on the poles as chuth things are thee vexiloodi.


Convenient Store Sales Pennants - Smashing Pumpkins, Perfect 1998

Stores often decorate their interior with coloufrul sales streamer pennants as a way to excite the customer for happy sales.  In 1998 the video of Perfect by the Smashing Pumpkins had'em.  

This video illustrates the magical pull of souls who cross paths on heavy issues of life, death, and romance.  The almost infinite timing of tragic events seem so apparent in a random order of things, which make perfect sense in hindsight.  In the wake of regretful hope, a song of alternate hopes give comfort.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vexilloids is Siouxsie and the Banshees Video - Kiss them for Me 1991

 East meeting West is nothing new, since Marco Polo and Columbus.  Here Siouxsie and the Banshees weaves a hypnotic East-West song from 1991 - Kiss Them For Me.

Here the hand of a Hindu Diety holds some object of importance.
It looks like a man is holding a way flag on the left side of the picture near the background on the horizon.

Bye bye cheesy and fun 80s and here we go serious romantic art 90s.

Emblem of the Shadowy Fear Mongering Controller - Sam Phillips, Baby I Can't Please You 1994

In the song Baby I Can't Please You 1994 by Sam Philips the police or national arms of a shadowy unknown organization controls another spy who is spying on Sam Philips. It is hard to make out the arms but a bird seems to be in the emblem.  To truly grasp the meaning of the song just watch it below.  Fear is a healthy element, but in high doses is lethal.

In the video Sam turns to the East and dances away the paranoia and fear with dance, poetry and song.

Dream Police Badge - Cheap Trick 1979

The Dream Police originate out of Illinois from a musical ensemble known as Cheap Trick.  Dreaming is serious business that no market has been able to control or dominate.  Luckily the dream dimension is out of control of human hands.

Although in the waking world most humans put more value on commercials than their own dreams, someday the balance will shift back - to when dreams will be more important that commercials at least in the Western World. 

The badge of the dream police is black and in the center is a white star.

Dream Police?  Maybe not now, but surely some day? In the early days of the music video artists made extra efforts to give the song another dimension, to an almost cinematic quality of life with dialogue and plot mixed with the traditional media of jamming and focus on the me making the noise.

A somewhat timeless song underlined with a subtle orchestra.  The Dream Police live on inside of our heads, or at least some of us.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flags in Starship Troopers 1997

 Starship Troopers 1997 is a sci-fi allegory on war.  It is set in the distant future where mankind is fighting an alien bug civilization.  Although the director tired to make an anti-war film, it almost by accident glorifies military service.

Oddly in many ways this film would coincidentally predict the wars in the Middle East, especially in the Second Iraqi War. 

The flag of the Earth's Military uses the colors green, blue, and white and has a white eagle on the blue circle.

Here, capture the flag as it is now an important military strategy game.  In this version a blue team competes against a red team in traditional CRIPS-vs-BLOODS fashion.

In many ways bugs are the opposite, biologically speaking species of humans.  Basically there are two major factions competing for survival on planet Earth.  Creatures that form mouth first (mostly bugs and their like) and creatures that form anus first (mostly vertebrates like us with a backbone).  Such a dynamic shows that there is a non-natural random element in evolution.  Because only creatures with backbones form butt-hole first like ourselves, while the earthlings with outside-exoskeletons only have mouth first organisms. 

In other words, if Nature were truly random, you'd think a few butt-first embryonic animals with exoskeletons would have evolved, just as there would have been a few mouth first organisms with backbones?  This phenomena gives evidence to the idea that the evolutionary process is not necessarily so random. (You really have to be a biologist to understand what I'm talking about) There are a few exceptions but because of a so called random effect of evolution, there should be more diversity. 

 The flag of the Mobile Infantry has the same pattern of the general military but uses different colours - red, yellow, white, and black. Also the name of the Mobile Infantry is shown.

The Mobile Infantry flag in the in background of the co-ed barracks.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Flags in Julia Juila 2009 Movie

BLOGGING?  Putting your thoughts out there?  You aint seen nuthin yet!

Several flags appear in the film Julia Julia 2009 written and directed by Nora Ephron.  The story centers on a young thirty something who pioneers blogging with therapy.

All writers and rabid readers know of that transcendent space that books open up.  This movie hints at the amazing writing space of the Internet that brings this transcendency to new levels joy.  This movie is like a real life Back to the Future but for cooking and blogging in America.

Julia Powell is the heroine of the story who finds comfort and release in cooking.  Julia become enchanted with Julia Child and mixes blogging with cooking into a personal challenge, that leads to her fame.  She was onto the Super Size Me mantra before Super Size Me. Eventually she is able to revive interest of American cooking icon, Julia Child, and finds the inner light to success at the backdrop of the NYC World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11.

Here Julia Powell allows the inner passion to rule her heart and life.  In this scene she dresses up like Julia Child for her birthday.  The name badges are recycled in this scene.  If you have enough passion, enthusiasm, and the right frame of mind - anything is possible. Make believe is not just for kids, the people who get really good at 'make believe' become movie stars!

The flag of France appears during the French-US embassy party.  Here Julia Child learns to ham it up to get what she wants when she is confronted with national prejudice from a French Cooking instructor.

The 1950s were a conservative time for America and more in many ways for Europe as well.  Nonetheless Julia challenged herself to become something more and enhanced the way Americans prepare and appreciate food.    
The movie touches on political issues, challenges of the starving artist, and acts as a cheerleader for all dreamers - exuding the mantra of never giving up hope. It also gives credit to the unsung heroes and husbands who support their other halves.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Flag of Lake Biwa - the largest lake in Japan

Lake Biwa in Japan is the largest lake of the Japanese archipelago. It is located wholly in Shiga Prefecture next to Kyoto.  The flag is has the red sun of Japan but on a blue background with four white stripes that can be found a Biwa which is a Japanese Lute.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flag of the White Sea

The White Sea is due north of the Black Sea.  It is a private national sea of Russia and its north shore composes the often ignored eastern peninsula of Scandinavia.

The flag is based upon a fusion of the Russian Flag with Scandinavian design.  You can see the pattern of Russia's national flag on the right-fly side of the Scandinavian Cross.  On the left hoist side the colours are reversed to give the flag distinction.

Photo Credit: ar2rtos Кандалакшский залив
Страница автора на 2008/03/11

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miscellaneous Flags from Ghostbusters 1984

 The city flag of Chicago Illinois appears in the movie Ghostbuters 1984.  When the Ghostbusters get thrown in jail, they discuss the strange architecture of the building where Dana Barrett lives.  The other inmates listen in on their conversation and one inmate has a leather jacket with the city flag of Chicago on his right shoulder.

 In the mayor's office little police marker flags can be seen all over a map of NYC.  They seem to pinpoint the activity of supernatural-ghost activity.
During a montage a yellow flag can be seen in a typically NYC alleyway.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Washington Prepares for a Celebration on Cinco de Mayo para el Seis de Mayo

It was on a Cinco de Mayo that George Washington planed for a celebration in honor of France since they had decided to assist the United States in her effort for independence.  In an exceedingly grateful mood Washington wrote on the Cinco de Mayo in 1778:

 "...upon a signal given, the whole Army will Huzza! "Long Live the King of France." The Artillery then begins again and fires thirteen rounds, this will be succeeded by a second general discharge of the Musquetry in a tuning fire. Huzza! "And long live the friendly European Powers." Then the last discharge of thirteen Pieces of Artillery will be given, followed by a General tuning fire and Huzza! "To the American States."

Without the aide of France to the rebelling 13 colonies, the prospects for independence were gloom.  The rebel alliance with France was the ray of hope that paved the way for American Freedom.  Up until the Spring of 1778 for three long years the US was proving to itself and to the world that it was serious about becoming an independent entity from the United Kingdom.

The rebel alliance with France was signed February 6, 1778 but this was way before the internet.  Thus it took several months for official news to hit Washington.  And the good news of 'divine intercession' was revealed to Washington on the Cinco de Mayo.

The irony is that today Cinco de Mayo has become a US drinking festival observing Mexico's battle victory over France in 1862 in Puebla.  But Cinco de Mayo is also the date when the US managed to launch the first American in to space - Alan Shepard on Cinco de Mayo 1961.   However, as of today the most important event in the American Media for Cinco de Mayo is to mention and celebrate a foreign nation's battle victory over France, mostly as another excuse to drink lime flavored fungal excrement. Yet on the Cinco de Mayo of 1778, General Washington was elated and excited to hear that France and several other European powers were going to assist the rebel provinces of America.

Oddly Cinco de Mayo has become an American celebration of France's humiliation at the hands of Mexico, yet it was on this date that Washington's prayers were answered thanks to France. 

See the original Documents Here at the US Library of Congress

The Beret Streamer - The Stay Puft Marshmallow Hat, Ghostbusters 1984

An unusual type of vexilloid can be found in the Ghostbusters 1984 movie - the beret streamer.  This beret streamer may be the most famous of beret streamers known to the world. 
We are introduced subliminally to Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man when the eggs get possessed by demonic spirits and cook themselves.
On the side of one of the buildings by the Ghostbusters firehouse is mural-ad of the Stay-Puft Marshmallows. 
Here Gozer the Gozarian takes the form of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  Dangling from his right side is a vexilloid - a red streamer.

Side view of the swallow tail red hat streamer. This is the clearest view this vexillologically appropriate piece of cloth, that functions as fashionable device.

Antarctica Territorial Divide Flag

This is a flag for the territorial division of Antarctica.  The dividing lines are according to the various continents.  The Orange Sector is reserved for the nations in the American Hemisphere from Canada to Chile, the Lime Green Sector is reserved for the nations of Europe, Africa and Western Asia.  Finally the Magenta Sector is reserved for the nations of Asia and Oceania.  The central white portion is the polar reserve that is unassigned to be used cooperatively for Antarctica. Note the islands of Antarctica are not included in this division.

These divides follow the natural divisions of Antarctica which are basically aligned to the particular time zones of a particular nation.

Lake Tahoe Flag

The flag for Lake Tahoe combines elements of the California and Nevada state flags.  Both have stars in near the upper hoist.  Since most of Lake Tahoe under California's state border the red star is dominant to the silver star of Nevada.  Additionally Nevada's silver star is recessive and upside down when compared to California's star.  The upper portion is blue that is taken from the Nevada's flag.  The lower portion is white which is taken from California's flag.  The middle red stripe is a modified version of bottom stripe of California's flag but place in middle rather than along the bottom.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Original Star Wars Vexilloid from 1977 - The Guardian Pole Stick

In the award ceremony for Han, Luke and Chewbacca a vexilloid appears in the hands of the guardsman at the entrance of the hall.  The vexilloid is a long stick with a metal top.  It fills the proper space of a flag or staff in a regal fashion. Its long size indicates it probably has a ceremonial function rather than use as a weapon.  More than likely, it lights up in the dark and may have the ability to produce holographic flags and insignia.  Nonetheless its imposing larger than life size marks it as a vexilloid. 

Rebel Alliance Insignia - Star Wars 1977

No flags appear in clear cut fashion in the first official episode of Star Wars 1977.  However the icon of the Rebel Alliance appears during the space craft prep before the attack on the Empire's Death Star.

Another fighter pilot putting on the helmet with the Rebel Alliance Emblem.  It looks like a crescent with cross in the center.