Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flag from Osmosis Jones - the inner body flag of Frank

 The story of a heroic white blood cell came to Hollywood in 2001 under the comedic talents of Bill Murray and Chris Rock.  Mr. Rock plays as a white blood cell who saves Frank's body from a deadly virus.

Essentially white blood cells are the army, navy, and police force of our bodies.  These special cells often have longer lives and must have higher intelligence to fight crime...aka the body. The story plays upon the analogy of the immune system as being a police force, which is quite accurate.

 When Ozzy Jones is called in to the chief's office the flag of Frank's Body can be seen in the corner.  It uses the colours grey as a background and apparently has lime green stripes and some dashes yellow.  It's finial is black sphere.  

 Here is the close up of Franks Body. 
The great thing about this movie and television series is that it teaches through osmosis.

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