Monday, February 4, 2013

Heraldic Flags from Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry 1984

In the one thousandth, eight hundredth and eighty fourth year of our lord, the barriers of love bended and swirled, for love smashed the hardened chains of tradition.

Once a man shall find his lode star of love, may no force of reason or object of false reality hold him back.

Garnered by every cell and atom in his body, he shall follow their will and change his universe.

In the wake of love, love at its end and love from behind will follow.

Yes indeed we all applauded Sir Steve Perry on his journey to love!

For it is written that the good of purest heart of man will abandon all riches and lusts of power to behold the power of love.

As so was heralded in 1984 by the men of stain glass banners upon thy horn.

  Rather not think, better to feel the tender and powerful phoenix of love from within, than the external yearning for loves approval. 

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