Monday, January 7, 2013

Vexilloids in 12:01pm - short film 1990

12:01pm is a short film that fits well into the tempo of the 1990s.  It is the pre-echo of the Matrix and baseline melody for the smash hit Ground Hog Day.

12:01pm was a short sci-fi story originally written by Richard A. Lupoff.  In it a man is stuck repeating the same hour over and over.  It is a metaphor for life and brings into sharp focus the truly important things in life.

Although it may be short and harsh movie, upon deep contemplation its silver lining allows the audience to embrace and appreciate life in the now.  Barely noticeable where Myron begins his hourly existence a flag can been seen blowing in the wind in between two tall buildings.

Myron Castleman walks by a green and white banner announcing a community event.  Banners are vexilloids that need words, since symbols and shapes will have no meaning to others outside a group.
On the street pole are firm vexilloid city announcement banner that are often of a semi-offficial nature that announce events related to arts and entertainment.

Starring the classic sci-fi actor Kurtwood Smith, this contemplative movie is a must for those seeking a deeper meaning of life. 

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