Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Logo of Benthic Petroleum from The Abyss - 1989

The Abyss is a grand movie that hits on politics, energy consumption, nuclear weapons, and attempts to answer some of the deepest mysteries of our world.  It's part action, part science fiction, part political drama, and part romance.  

Benthic Petroleum is a fictional oil company in the movie by James Cameroon - The Abyss 1989.  Here a flight deck crewman guides the landing of a helicopter on the ships deck.  The companies logo is on his back.  

The logo of Benthic Petroleum uses a yin and yang counter charge of blue and light blue.  The logo is like a rounded pennant and uses the colours blue, sky blue, and white.  It is divided horizontally.  The a symbol that looks like a mashed up lower case letter 'b' and letter 'p' is counter coloured with the background and intuitively symbolizes a stylized drilling character. 

Notice the Logo of Benthic Petroleum on the hat


  1. Delighted to see this featured on your site... I designed this logo for the film... (and a variant of it is also used on the gas station hideout in T2)

    1. Thanks, great film! So honored to make contact with someone involved on that film. I'll have to watch T2 again.