Tuesday, November 20, 2012

American Pre-Centennial Flag for July 4, 1476 - Celebrating the Complete Awakening to the Western and Eastern Hemispheres

The flag for the US-American Pre-Tricentennial is based upon the flags of Castile and Leon with a red St. George's Cross that symbolizes Christopher Columbus's Genoan Heritage, which is now a part of Italy.

Taking a leap of faith into the unknown can be a costly adventure, but under the leadership of Christopher Columbus the two Super Continents of The Americas and Euraficasia were able to finally become fully aware and awoken to each other civilizations.

On July 4th, 1476 the essence of the American Dream was asleep in the heart of liberal minded British thinkers and men of the high Renaissance including Leonardo da Vinci who was a part of that special generation to awaken to global civilization.  The King of England on America's Pre-Tricentennial at this time was Edward IV the great great great great grandfather document of Declaration of Independence was helping conduct the daily businesses of English Speakers via the Magna Charta.  

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