Monday, November 5, 2012

Banners and Flags in the Big Lebowski - 1998

 Several Flags and important vexillological insignia appear in the riotously funny and quite deep and well thought out film par excellence The Big Lebowski 1998.  Although the film was released in 1998 it is set during the first Iraqi Gulf War of 1991. Here the California State flag is visible when the hero - the Dude - is taken in to police custody for disorderly conduct.

One of the more local and original banners to appear in The Big Lebowski occurs during the diner scene. It reads "Home of the Hamburgers."  Hamburgers are a national dish for Americans. They come in all kinds of varieties, you can even purchase vegetarian or vegan burgers in the US.

US Flag in The Big Lebowski with Malibu police shield. Behind the officer is the US flag.  The Malibu police badge is as sleek as the Malibu name with its name written in cursive. 

 You can barely see a Malibu Flag behind the Dude's head. The Dude is squinting because the officer of the law has just thrown a coffee cup at his head.  The flag in the background has a white fringe along it bottom.
 Notice the unique Saddam Hussein Bowling Pin emblem on his black beret.  Amazingly this film like the first Matrix film coincidentally shows the date of 9/11 before the tragic events unfold three years later in 2001.  Here during a 'dream' sequence Saddam Hussein is working at a bowling alley.  

The classical bowling lane symbol - the three pointed blue crown.

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