Sunday, October 7, 2012

NAVA 46 Board Meeting

We get two 'Ravens' this year. Annie also is promoting Java indexes project. GUS SAID thanks to presenters because they set things up while. ANNIE ENCOURAGE FOR scholarship. MARYANNE : enjoyed the pleasure and project and wants to serve more. Also say that encourage to take an active role. Was on the bald many years ago. Ted: Java is still positive and is adding to reserved. 2001 was a treasurer. Only twice lost money due to delay inNava news. Did well with flags. Website undergoing updates. Amil costs are lower. More and more members. 400 ten plus minus membership. Only one raven for 2013. Chris B asked why decrease inexpenses. Dave M asked about web projects. Cbcrm costs. Budget adopted. Auditory van depute says thing are all OK. Historian Jack Low said no activity. New website at the end of the year. SHANE HELPS ONWEBSITES update. Peter recruited Shane to update website. Applause for Shane. Hatvigson is media relations officer: all got press releases. Identify media outlets who might be interested. All new and never done before. Follow up with harvigson. Will help all people inthat effort. Make sure Java knows what's going on. Effort is due to get Java name out. Get more people interested. Unknownon success level. Atchson is registered agent for life: we are OK inillinois. Ken: when will we get guiding flat Al : Java outlets: you can order past flags for sale. Llmade 18.00 on patches last year. Java merchandise. Dazzle is linked to Java to get all the onto gifts. Modest sales since first year. Partnership with dazzle makes inventory cheap and saves money. Past issues can be bulught is better. Membership donutted: 2012 new is 41 25 active 374 total active. Stay constant. Get out name out! After Hugh was interviewed. Media has an impact onNava membership. By Mary Ann Socorro smith. Peter: Jaa news. Pleading for content is not needed. Please keep sending him articles. Trend is basically alerted. And had evolved into publication with citations. Raven and Java news has a great synergy. Color innava news I'd better. Production vales in Java news is better. Keep doing and sending Javanese stuff. Send pic caption or whatever. TED RAVEN: PROCEEDINGS are on CD and for 220 dollars for your own copy. Raven 18 Doreen braverman and john hartvigson are handle Inc confessing and media relations. You can get onwebsite names or amazon dot com. Free copes were send to candian hwralic authority. Kevin Harrington was very helpful in advice and blurb OK the back. Raven 19 is dedicated to john Purcell. With short essay by john. Copies will he sent to johns family. Batches of copes are sent to fish were sent to fellow organizations for the community if vexillological associations. Flag design committee john Purcell now peter analgesia and Gus are exhale of committee flag. Peter said that city council for flag resin for Hartford where they had the meeting. Gus even ran to they book and saw bad design. There is ahead for a publication for how to create a flag foe community in the process example... After youbadopt what are you going to do next? Flags cost money and how will you sell them. Flags are never seen again. Here are sonehtigns to think about after a flag is define. Anybody can join that project. Reports comcpdied for officers Dr. G: van details Luther and trinkle :slate refs were elected swiftly with no contention Nominating comottiee. Board is elected on slate recommends. Bi-national organization. Need a betterout reach. Kevin is one of Hugh's favorite Canadians. Lack of french Canadians present is too bad. We want more french candians. Hugh is taking french lessons. Charter is in Illinois. Motion of french name is adopted seconded by kin. Kevin: Kevin s When will Gus take English lessons? Somebody said. Dr. Lowe: has two off shirts for sale. 22 dollars. How do we her new members. Proposing a motion- and amended- special purpose fund doe young new members with committee and approved bely the bald. Second by Dave matucci. 1000 to 1200 will be cost. Make a fund. Has pledges from 5500 from lead donors when the fund is set up and will appear in Java news if successful. Hugh is reading te entire motion by Dr. Lowe. Ted amended scholarship to name. Cannon grant committee and flag conservation grants are mentioned. Annie: age cap and suggestion and should be students at any level Ted: we will debate later. Only paid by donors. Special funds. Get people to come: Huge spin express love on Doreen braverman.

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