Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flags from The Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993

It's the 25th again, so Merry Christmas?  Did you ever wonder what the Christmas Spirit is doing a few days before Halloween?

Back in 1993 the Christmas Spirit did indeed cross over with Halloween thanks to the imagination of Timothy Burton in the Halloween/Christmas classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
Notice the Jack-O-Lantern and Skull banners on the left and an orange and black Halloween-Town flag in the corner.  The banners and flag are in the town hall of Halloween-Town. 

In this movie Christmas goes bad when the spirits of Halloween attempt to do and celebrate Christmas. A tricycle with a pirate flag lays ruined in the snow in a graveyard.  The main message of the movie is to be true to your heart, but sometimes you have to fall and make mistakes in order to find yourself.  

The hero of the story does indeed find his true hearts desire.  It rings of that old line of shooting for the stars, no matter what, you will end up in the right place after tragedy and failure push you in the right direction.     

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