Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flag in Millennium - movie from 1989

 Notice the large green, blue, and white flag 
on the right
In 1989 a strange altered definition of what happens during a plane crash was proposed in the film Millennium.  The plot of the movie centered on time travel.  However people from the distant future comeback to the 1900s in order to rescue doomed people in plane crashes.  During this process they switch the bodies with empty copies and take the people who are about to perish to the future.  Perhaps this is what happened to Laika - the first dog in space?  

Flags of several nations make an appearance during a meeting of physicists to seriously discuss the possibility of time travel.  The US flag is next the the flag of Israel and several other nations are further away.  However there is an unknown strange green, white, and blue flag that is higher than all the rest. It is a good chance that it is the flag of the institute?   

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