Sunday, September 16, 2012

Numbers 30 and 31 for the International Maritime Code

The International Nautical Flag for Thirty

Only thirty and thirty-one are shown since they are reflective of the lunar calendar. As of yet there is no 32nd day of the month, even in a leap year. Basically each day of the month gets its own flag. Can you recognize the flag of your birth date?

Also, the moon has been an important tool for mariners through the ages - as it relates to tides, sailing conditions, life cycles and of when and where to drop anchor.

The flag for thirty is based upon the Roman Numeral for thirty, which is made up of three letters 'Xs' as XXX. Furthermore it is reflective of the city flag for Amsterdam in Holland - the leading city of Western Civilization.

The United States may seem like the cultural leader of the Western World, but rather it is the USA that follows in the wake of the Netherlands. Always remember that the founders of NYC were from the Netherlands not England, Scotland, Ireland, or Germany. When you compare NYC to Amsterdam, America's NYC is more like North Korea while Amsterdam is the true 'Freedom-City' of the Earth as of 2012 AD.

The International Maritime Flag for Thirty-One

Finally the flag for the thirty one, the last flag in this expansion. Why does it stop at thirty-one? Because they are only thirty-one days in a lunar cycle.

Near the fly is the core symbol for Korea - with a modified Yin and Yang symbol.

The phases of the moon are essentially reflected in this symbol that originates in China. There are also three white 'Yang' dashes that 'synchronistically' represent thirty.

These two flags are the anchors of the international maritime signal charts that represents the East and the West. Likewise there is quaint harmony since Japan gets the 'alpha' position as first number one flag, while Korea falls into the 'omega' final thirty-first flag.

Almost by accident the civilizations from Rome to China are reflected in these proverbial last of mariner anchor flags.

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