Sunday, September 16, 2012

International Nautical Maritime Number Flags Expanded - 11 to 20

These flags are expanded up to number twenty. Their patterns are based upon the nautical number flags for NATO and the agreed International Code. They combine certain elements between the two numerical systems - some are more NATO than International Code.

The Number 11

All the colours were conserved and the design was altered a bit. ICS number one was reversed and NATO number one was moved to the side.

The Number 12

The pattern is mostly based on the ICS flag for two while the colous of NATO's number two are conserved as discs.

The Number 13

The colours are taken directly from NATO's number three but put vertically in honor of ICS's number three, conserving the design of ICS and the blue of its fly.

The Number 14

These two flags already look similar in design and pattern. It is a balanced merge of NATO's number four and ICS's number four flag.

The Number 15

Again the colours are shared between NATO and ICS for five, thus this is fusion of patterns.

The Number 16

This was the most difficult to combine, so a new direction was taken while conserving the old. The six dots match up symbolically to make one think six. All colours are conserved as well.

The Number 17

The number seventeen is a little different. Its pattern is based upon the home state of the first man to walk on the moon - Neil Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong was born in Ohio and it was the seventeenth state in the Union.

The Number 18

This pattern of ICS's number eight dominates while the colours of NATO's number eight make up this fusion flag.

The Number 19

The essence of ICS's number nine is totally conserved while NATO's number nine's colours and pattern take hold on the fly and hoist.

The Number 20

ICS's flag for number two combines with NATO's zero flag. The blue dot mirrors the shape of a zero minus the hole. The five pluses also convey a non-zero value, although a zero is used to represent the number twenty.

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  1. What if there were NATO flags for punctuation?