Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Superman Jack - Superman 1980

Notice the red, white, and blue jack of the yacht

A unique flag makes an appearance in the 1980 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve. The special flag is a jack - only flown at the 'front' or bow of a ship.

The jack has a red and white frame along the outer edge, with red further out. A blue triangle is in the middle. A white horizontal line divides the blue triangle into two parts - a trapezoid by the hoist and another triangle towards the fly.

The 'Superman' Jack of the Serenidee
Superman 1980

Hands down, Christopher Reeve was the best Superman to fly into the imagination of the world.

In 1980 audiences in Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Africa were mesmerized by Reeves' humble yet skillful portrayal of the legendary Superman - that exists in all men.

A reboot of John Williams 1980s Superman
Theme in 1980s Metal
Metal is an appropriate musical genre for the the Man of Steel

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