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Blue Moon Flag of Tlemcen - Northwestern Algeria

Flag of Tlemcen
Northern Africa - Modern Day Algeria

An appropriate flag for the 'Blue Moon' of 2012 in August. This is a rich part of the Mediterranean world long ignored by Europe and the West.





















Japanese-Alaska Heritage Flag

Flag of Japanese-Alaska Heritage Flag

This is another unique heritage flag that combines the state flag of Alaska with the flag Japan. It is a flag to remind both nations of their common heritage and history: the good and bad.

The WWII battles fought along the shores of Alaska are often forgotten, and pale when compared to Pearl Harbor or the South Pacific. But like letters from Iwo Jima or the raising of the US flag on that island, an uncommon harmony between distant nations has been forged at a grassroots level.

The red disc near the upper fly represents Japan but is a red moon, as moons sometimes appear red when low at the horizon, and remenber that moon light is actually sunlight reflected back to the earth.















In honor of the 2012 Blue Moon - The Blue Moon of Iraq Flag

Blue Moon Iraqi Flag

In 2004 a US government in conjunction with the Iraqi Occupational forces decided that Iraq need a new flag. It was sorely rejected by Iraqis for several reasons. It was unpopular since had an remarkable similarity to the flag of Israel. It purposely broke away from the traditional pan-Arab colours of red, green, black.

Nonetheless it a short lived blue crescent moon. It is in effect a kind of American Battle Flag for Iraq, now forlorn like many other flags that have lost the war.

It does bring up the question why there are no modern flags with blue crescent moons on it? There are many flag repeats many times over, but no flags with blue moons! Did you ever wonder why? Yes there are a few in history, but none on the modern day flags of the now in 2012.

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Flag in Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles 1990

US Flag in opening shot*
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie 1990

notice president Bush I on the cover of a magazine next to US flags

During the late 1980s aTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mania swept the imagination of American children. The US flag is shown in the opening shot when a NYC reporter - April O'Neil - talks about a recent and mysterious crime wave. These icons of the transitional 80-90s pop era were elegantly put on the big screen with the magical help of Jim Henson and are the most life like puppets to enter imagination land in the 1990s.

A flag of the Foot Clan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990

In the background is a flag for the Foot Clan and mysterious gang of criminal teenagers under the influence of an evil man - Shredder. On the right is Shredder's top lieutenant and on the left is young member of the Foot Clan.

Icon of the Footclan on headbands
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990

When all members of the Foot Clan are given a headband to wear a Chinese-Japanese symbol of the leader. It is written in black on red with white highlights. It symbolizes monster or demon.

*this is a spliced shot from the original film that does not appear as one whole

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Christmas in August, anyone?

It's the 25th again - the 25th of August. And it's time for some holiday cheer, without the shopping frenzy and rizzile-razzle. The flags featured in this post come from 1994 in the Holiday Christmas Classic starring Tim Allen - The Santa Clause.

Santa at a Soccer Game
The Santa Clause 1994

The kids intuitively know that Santa is at the game but the adults have trouble believing. In the background behind mom is a red soccer boundary flag.

Lakeside Police Arms
The Santa Clause 1994

The police are seem to have trouble believing in Santa but after seeing they start believing.

The Santa Clause 1994

The E.L.F.S. are an elite squad of elfs with rocket backpacks.  They are called into service whenever Santa gets in trouble. Here they have come to Lakeside, USA to rescue Santa with a jail brake.

The E.L.F.S. badge features a golden sleigh facing dexter on red with three golden stars above it.

Santa's Workshop
The Santa Clause 1994

Like most ships, bars, and some restaurants naval signal flags are present. The letters M, H, N, T, and 7 are visible.

US flag in the Santa Clause 1994

The US flag appears in the Santa Clause when the police are called on to look for Charlie Calvin.

Finally, as it was once said to strangers in the 20th, 19th, 18th, and 17th centuries in America - "Merry Christmas!"

I know it's August but hey it's the 25th and that's the perfect excuse to spread some Christmas Cheer.

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Flags and Emblems in Starman 1984

Flags at the UN on the Voyager Probe
Starman 1984

Starman was cosmic romance between an Earthling woman and a 'male' alien who took the corporal form of her dead husband. Very strange indeed, but in the tradition of Star Trek this film is very much a social commentary on the human condition and human heart.

Wide Load Flag
Starman 1984

The orange automotive wide load flag is often overlooked as flag. But it is an important communicative flag. Not a red flag to symbolize social revolution, but a reddish flag of warning.

Orange Wideload Flag
Starman 1984

The wide load flag appearing behind the 'Starman' played by Jeff Bridges. The show would touch many hearts in America and even spawn off a short lived television series. The Starman TV show apparently took place in a parallel dimension relative to the original movie.

North Carolina Tar Heels School Pennant
Starman 1984

Here our heroes spend some time at a Holiday Inn in Nebraska. Apparently the Tar Heels from North Carolina have just stuck it to Nebraska.

Native American Flags
Starman 1984

Notice the Native American vexilloid at the Arizona gift shop near the famous Barringer crater near Winslow, Arizona. It was 50,000 years ago that this cosmic landmark was made upon the Earth. But in 1984 it became a temporary home for Hollywood movie makers.

Arizona Police Badge
Starman 1984

The police badge of the Arizona troopers is reflective of the state flag.

US Flag
painted on a bus

The US flag appears on the side of a bus during the Starman's encounter with some Arrogant American Bozos.

76ers Emblem
Starman 1984

The emblem of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team makes a quick cameo in Starman 1984. The Sixers are dodging the bullet rather effectively. Eleven years later the Washington, Bullets would change their name to the Washington, Wizards in 1995 due to the association of bullets with gun violence.

Nebraska Flag in Starman 1984

Nebraska Flag
blurred in the background of the Truck Stop

Starman 1984 was science-fiction romance akin to a mature version of E.T. This film starred Jeff Bridges as the 'starman' who comes to earth at human request for greater understanding yet is treated with fear, paranoia, and as a prize by government officials.

The only state flag to make an appearance in Starman is Nebraska at BOWDARKS BUS STOP. Although its cameo is short and very blurry. Without a doubt it is one flag well known to Nebraska officials.

Mansfield Nebraska Police Badge

notice Nebraska state emblem

Nebraska is something of a junction in American Consciousness. Most people were passing through to get to the West Coast - likewise in Starman the visitor from beyond Earth passes through Nebraska on a west bound destination.

But little do most people know, that many of the yummies that fills their tummies come from Nebraska. If Kansas is the Heart of America, then Nebraska is the All American Tummy. If you can make Nebraskans happy you're basically 'rubbing the tummy' America. And if you do it well, the USA will roll over and waggle its legs.

Scene at Bowdarks
just the lower corner of Nebraska's flag is visible

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The Original American Fun Zone - Willow Grove Park, PA

Willow Grove Park Pennant

One of the original leisure parks of America stems from Willow Grove Park, Pennsylvania. Willow Grove is about 15 minutes away from Philadelphia in Montgomery County.

But Montgomery County's maiden name is Philadelphia. What I mean is, before Montgomery County was given its own independent name it was originally a part of Philadelphia County - until the beginning of the American Revolution.

Some time after the Civil War - John Phillip Sousa adopted it as his stage for patriotic band music. After a brief stint in the circus - Sousa became the military penultimate music man in the Marines.

Willow Grove during its Victorian Heyday was like something of the 'chalk park' in Marry Poppins, dotted with a few rides and stages for performances.

It was about the time when out of control spoiled teens took over America, that amusement parks went less than friendly. But that only partly explains why Willow Grove was converted into a Shopping Mall. Unfortunately hordes of spoiled teens - usually caused by poor parenting or exhausted parents who work too much - often make venues like Willow Grove less than family friendly, as spoiled teens have a tendency for cursing, necking, smoking and obnoxious shouting.

Also back in the day when things were black and white - pennants were the it flag of fun and showmanship. If you were male and grew up before colour TV - chances are your room was decorated with these triangular vexilloids.

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Wave Your Flag Song

A great song for Vexillologists around the world. The chorus involves the chant, "WAVE YOUR FLAG."

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Catesby Jones California Republic Heritage Flag

The Bear Flag Revolt lives on as an epic chapter in California History. But a few years before the Mexican-American War of 1846 there was the Commodore Catesby Jones Incident at Monterrey, California. And this is when the first US flag was officially hoisted over California Soil by a government official as captured territory.

Catesby Jones 1842 California Republic Heritage Fla

In 1842 Texas was still a semi-independent renegade republic with limited diplomatic recognition as are Northern Cyprus, Palestine, and Transnistria today in 2012.

There were wild rumors of war in Mexico and the United States. It was sure to manifest but the commander of the US Pacific Squadron - Catseby Jones accidentally invaded and occupied California at Monterrey Bay three years prior to the Bear Flag Revolt.

Commodore Catesby Jones received intelligence that war with Mexico was imminent and inaccurate news was reported that the UK purchased California and rumors of war had already started were abundant. Also note the US was at great tension with Canada over territorial claims in Oregon-Columbia country.

Russia also evacuated California at Ft. Ross, all powers in the area were edgy due to the political vacuum left by Russia. Was somebody going to step up and fill the void? Were Canada, Mexico, and Russia conspiring to split up the West Coast and keep the USA boxed in, on the Atlantic Ocean?

US with 26 Stars - Hoisted Over California in 1842
Four years before the Bear Flag Revolt

In October the pre-game season of the Mexican-American War started on October 19, 1842. Catesby Jones sailed into Mexican Waters with the United States and Cyane. The Americans later captured the Mexican brig Joven Guipuzcoana - the first prize of war in the US-Mexican conflict. The next day on October 20, 1842 over one hundred and fifty US sailors and US marines landed at Monterrey, California. The Mexican Flag was lowered and the 26 starred American Flag was raised. At this time the youngest state in the Union was Michigan. Fort Monterrey was then renamed after a Virginian - as Fort Catesby.

The next day on October 21, 1842 Commodore Catesby Jones truly discovered that Mexico was not at war with the United States. Catesby Jones then lowered the American Flag and restored Monterrey to Mexican control with a 13 gun honor salute to the Mexican Colours.

Jones' action was horribly embarrassing and the United States made a formal apology to Mexico, but four years later the American Hope of expanding in to California was manifested, at least the northern half of it.

Please note that the Catesby Jones 1842 California Republic Flag is a new convention that combines the modern flag of California with elements of history. The bear on the Catesby Jones 1842 California Republic Flag is laying down in a cave and foggy eyed from hibernation.

Bears sometimes awoke too early, before the winter has ended. They would then go back to sleep. Likewise the United States did so with California with the Commodore Catesby Jones Incident, which was a too early 'winter' advance on California. But like the bears who wake up too early, before the winter thaw, the United States went to back sleep and awoke four years later to 're-take' California in 1846 and fly the stars and stripes on her coastline.

Imagine if Mexico and America went to war in 1842? This is one alternate thread of history yet to be written.

Flag of Helium from John Carter of Mars film 2012

Nation of Helium
John Carter of Mars 2012 Film

The flag of Helium uses several shades of blue. It is a divided horizontally in the middle. Off center nearer the fly is a large disc counter shaded to the background which represents Mars.

On the upper half are two smaller discs that represent the dwarf moons of Mars - Diemos and Phobos.

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Flags from the Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars - 1998

 The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars- 1998 is the cosmic sequel to the original Brave Little Toaster.  In this wonderland of imagination house hold appliances are give a measure of love usually reserved for cars and dolls.

In this movie a brave little toaster travels to Mars to rescue his human master.  Along the journey love, loyalty, and questions about mankind's attachment to non-biological entities are gleaned.

After arriving on Mars, the household appliances are surprised to that the planet has already been colonized by machines who seek to reek revenge on the humans that inhabit earth.  However a courageous little toaster reminds the machines that there is spark of joy in the human heart.

Two distinct 'Martian' flags made by the machines appear in this film.

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US Flag Shorts on Mars as the Flag - Rocketman 1997

Rocketman 1997 stars Harland Williams as a gifted computer programmer who travels to Mars to plant the first American, sort of.  But Fred Randall is an ill coordinated goofball who looses the flag in a canyon and uses his American Flag shorts in its place. 

Rocketman is you classic silly beans American movie, made for the delight of kids in elementary school.  It it filled with slapstick, farts, and monkey hijinx. It is so stupid it is actually funny. 

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The Flag in the Mars Attacks - Card #49 The Earthmen Charge

Long before the Garbage Pail kids there was a bubble gum trading card series known as Mars Attacks from 1962 - the year the United States launched a man into orbit one year after the Soviet Union.

Earthmen Tank Flag - Mars Attacks 1962

On card number 49 a small flag can be seen on the counter attack of humans upon the Martian home world. The flag is barely noticeable on the Earthmen Tank. It is a red and black horizontal tri-bar pennant - with black in the middle.

The artwork is a mix of war time WWII meshed to the early space age 1960s.

The Back Side of the Card

Here is the other side of the card with story explanation. This unique format of a 'book' revealed by trading cards made it like an archeological game where bits and pieces of the story came to the readers in a non-linear fashion. This type of 'trading card book' with a strong focus on art is a rare type of media. Considered not a comic book but yet a cherished media that stirred the imaginations of many a American Children.

Wondrously it is attached to Solarian Heritage. Solarian is an all inclusive politically correct term for beings native the 'Terran/Sun' system.' Thus persons from the Moon, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Deimos, Phobos or Mercury are all considered 'Solarian' yet differ by native planet such as Lunatic (considered an insult on Earth), Earthling, Martain, Cerisian, Deimonite, Phobo or Mercurite.

This series of cards will certainly become priceless artifacts of 'Martian Heritage' when 'humans/cyborgs' from earth successfully colonize Mars in the next 200 years - maybe in the year 2222. Certainly in the next 50 years people will have 'cell phones' directly implanted in their skulls.

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Marvin the Martian Flag - MARS WEEK 2012

Marvin the Martian with native Mars Flag

One of Marvin the Martian's flag is similar to the Japanese flag. The difference is that the central disc is of center towards the hoist and the background is pink.

Marvin the Martian Flag
In the Duck Dogers Episode - 1953

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Mars Week 2012 - the most popular Mars flag in 2012

Mars Flag

This is perhaps the most popular flag for Mars at the moment. It is distinguished and does not intuitively resemble any Earth based nation

Vowels Distinguished for the International Maritime Code of Signal Flags

Since the International Maritime Code is supposed to International - here are some additional flags to represent the short vowels. Reason being that this code is based upon the tragically irrational language of English - nearly every letter has multiple ways of reading it. Mastering the rules of English could take a lifetime. So to help alleviate some of the confusing English rules of spelling here a few new short vowel flags. They are based upon the regular vowel flags except for U. Since that pattern is used already. Thus the regular version is a standard long version.

The Short A
cat - bat - man - at - map


The Short E
set - pet - let - red - pep


The Short I
hip - it - writ - lit - ship


The Short O
cot - mop - hot - fought


The Short U
cut - nut - shut - up



These are mashed up international maritime flags - academically known as a diphthong, which sounds like some kind of sexy bathing suit.

The OI Flag
oil - toil - boy - noid

This flag combines the official letter 'I' with 'O' to make the 'OI' flag.

The OO Flag
look - book - shook - took

Can you see the two letter 'O' flags?

The OU flag
our - now - ouch

A small element of the official 'O' combined with a bit of 'A' and 'O.'