Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gadsden Flag Fun

The Gadsden Flag is a popular flag of protest. In contrast to the red, white, and American blue or even the Confederate flag, it is a stark contrast with a yellow background and a snake. Here is a list of some pop-art mashups with the Gadsden Flag. It reminds me of the Chinese Emperor's flag but instead of a Dragon we have a snake. And in some mythologies snakes are often thought of as 'little' dragons.

From GI Joe
The Cobradsden Flag

From Q*Bert 1982
The Q*berdsden Flag

From the Never Ending Story 1983
The Orinsden Flag

From the Harry Potter Franchise
The Slytherinsden Flag

Another Coily Flag from Q*Bert
Don't Hop On Me Coilysden Flag

The Original Gadsden Flag
the modern version

A reboot of a contemporary version from 1776
The Hewson-Gadsden Flag

Original drawing and text by John Hewson probably made in 1776.

Bhutan Version of the Gadsden Flag
the Bhutansden Flag

The Chinese version of the Gadsden Flag
The Ghungxisden Flag

1 comment:

  1. I am charmed.
    I wish the Gadsden flag hadn't become so firmly attached in recent years to one particular ideology, especially one as stupid as teabaggery.